Bef0re / After School Programs

Accepting 2019 - 2020 Registration

For many of kids, the after school bell is a sound symbolic of after school junk food, a small bucket of toys at daycare and video games until their parents finish the work day.  At Gym O Gym, we offer a healthy alternative.

Physical fitness plays an important role in your child’s development, which is why we offer an escape from traditional after school programs whose only focus is babysitting. We’re not a daycare, nor do we babysit children. We offer after school gymnastic / fitness / dance / yoga classes to area children with the convenience of picking them up from their schools to participate in fitness based programming.

Our Academic Program is designed to help students with their homework in a personalized learning environment, fun games, and lots more.  Math and English enrichment classes help your child enhance their critical thinking and problem skills.  French and English phonic classes develops your child’s Language and Reading skills.  STEAM program works on your child’s creativity, problem solving skills and science concepts.

At Gym O Gym, your child has the opportunity to explore and grow, create and discover, build relationships with peers, develop leadership skills and become confident learners within an active environment.

Registration open for 2019 – 2020 Before and After School.  Contact us for details. 

Program Details : Ages 14 years and under. 
Weekdays: 7:00AM (Before School), 6:30pm (After School).
Fee: Starting at $22. Please contact us for more info (647) 727 - 1550


Leave your worries behind on PA days and don't take that random day off work. We will continue to keep your child focused and active with various physical activity as well as educational exercises. We offer PA day programming based on York Region public and catholic school schedules, as well as a number of Montessori schools. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the days offered. 


Sign up all 6 PA Days and receive 1 PA DAY for free.

Please see below for school year 2018-2019

September 24 – Kids Cooking           
Make your own fried noodles, smoothie and cupcake.  Learn about food nutrition with our Kinesiologist.  

October 21 - Halloween
MAKE your own costume. Party with your friends and make your own Halloween treats.

November 15 - Finger Painting                  
Learn to be an artist with our Art Teacher. Unique finger painting experience with special painting techniques.

January 17 - Magical Day
Meet with our Magician. Learn some cool tricks to surprise your parents and friends.

January 31 - Snow Art and Science
Use your art instincts on Snow. Create your first snow art piece. Do you know you can blow “unbreakable” bubble? Try this with our Scientist.

June 3 – Make your own shirt
Put your wild idea on your own shirt. Create a fun and colorful shirt you could wear in the summer.

June 29 - Ice-cream Making
Who does not like ice-cream? How about making your own favor and color. Get yourself ready before summer starts.

FEE: $53 / Day (Camp hours 9:00 am- 4:00 pm)
Extended hours available from (7:00 am - 6:00 pm) $8/day
Lunch options available; Siblings discount available.