EASTER EGG HUNT (Sunday Apr 21st)

EASTER EGG HUNT (Sunday Apr 21st)

from 3.00

Gym O Gym is inviting you to our Annual Easter Egg Hunt! This is the biggest Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Event in Markham and our tickets were all sold out last two years.  Bring in your own basket. Children will collect plastic eggs from our Gym and trade in for chocolate and other prizes when they are ready.  ** Due to limited space, we would appreciate it if we can only have a maximum of ONE ADDITIONAL adult per participating child **

Adult / Child:
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Dear Parent,

Thank you for registering for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2019.

Please ensure you print your ticket (confirmation page showing your order number) and present it when you enter the event. 


Please note the following:

- For safety and hygienic purpose, please ensure all child(ren) enter the gym with barefoot, and all parents must wear socks. 

- Child(ren) under the age of 4 years must be accompanied by parent at all time

- Please ensure your child(ren) bring their own basket for the Easter Egg Hunt

- No outside food is allowed for this event.  You may choose to purchase additional food and drink at door

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the gym at any time.


Gym O Gym